China Construction shares story to enhanctime magazine disneye brand at expo

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China Construction booth. [Photo provided to]

At the forefront of the Fortune 500 list, China Construction, a leading construction conglomerate, demonstrated its brand story at an expo on May 10 in Shanghai.

The event, themed on "China brand, world sharing", was designed to help domestic companies improve their brands to enhance the country"s overall competitiveness.

Under its full name -- China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd -- the construction leader in 2017 alone signed contracts worth over 120 billion yuan ($ 19 billion) stemming from the Belt and Road initiative.

So far, the company has nearly 6,000 construction projects in 129 countries all over the world.

China Construction has rich experience and splendid history. It was behind the construction of the Cairo International Convention & Exhibition Center, known as the symbol of China-Egypt friendship.

The company was also involved in the construction of the Palm Islands -- consisting of three artificial islands with residential, leisure and entertainment centers -- on the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The forerunner of world-leading construction technology has also sent groups of personnel to Pakistan for the construction of the PKM project.

China Construction keeps blending emerging technologies and production modes, such as environmentally-friendly building and smart construction, into its concepts.

It is also blending the Internet Plus strategy into its development model, shaping new structures involving e-commerce, labor management, supply chains and big data, among other areas.

Spread over 25,000 square meters, the exposition has attracted more than 600 domestic companies, including State-owned enterprises such as China National Nuclear Corp and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, as well as privately-owned companies such as China"s largest online travel agency Ctrip and Qingdao-based home appliances giant Haier.

In late April last year, the State Council approved China Brand Day, which will fall on May 10 every year.

Participants visit a building model, an independently developed intelligent construction equipment integration platform, at the expo. [Photo provided to]